When an ex-porn star, EVE, meets the mysterious ADAM, she learns the shocking truth: He’s the last human in the universe, everyone else is an EM(ulated human aka Westworld-esque robot), and they all inhabit Planet New York: a brick for brick recreation of Manhattan hurtling through space aboard a giant spaceship. Eve herself is a 3D-printed biological human in the form of Adam’s first love. Eve struggles to make sense of her new reality as Adam tries to rekindle their once brightly burning romance. Oh, and the sun is going to explode in under 24 hours! In a race against time, they cross New York’s most iconic locations while searching for the meaning of life and humanity. Can their love survive the inevitable destruction?


Writer/Director: SAMUEL CLEMENS LONG has seen too many movies. So that shot, or line, or premise that everyone else uses has gotten boring. In his work Sam constantly strives for that moment of “Shit, I’ve never seen that, or thought of that take on things.” Whether it’s shooting in infra-red or using real AI algorithms to crunch footage, you’re always in store for visuals that match the groundbreaking stories. “When you watch my movies, I don’t want you to grab your popcorn, I want you to grab for a seatbelt.”

SAMUEL CLEMENS LONG prefers the term wordsmith over writer. Wordsmith implies the real work. Similar to bending steel, writing requires heating and hammering the words, only to fold them over and hammer them again into another layer of story. Sam is broken in the sense that if there’s a good story, it probably has a science fiction element to it. Or at least that’s what the bats in the belfry say.